I finally got a chance to use my Sedona Lace palette that I won from Katiengo*. The colors were great and application was very easy. It was supposed to be a matte palette but it has shimmers in it. Not sure where the error came in on that one but I'm not complaining. I did a simple look, just some browns and pinks. Didn't want to go all out with crazy colors and then have to remove it all when we were trying to get out before midnight lol.
I have a pic but you can't see the eyes very well.
Yeah, that's my mean looking honey in the background lol Ignore the fact that I'm super shiny and my face is more pink/light than the rest of me. I'm still working on trying to find a foundation that matches my pale yellow self.

I wish I had thought to take a picture or two of just my eyes but I was so excited to see The Velcro Pygmies that I didn't even take pictures of myself before we went or anything! Here are some more pics from the concert.

It's very hard to get pics of their drummer but I wasn't very close. Yes, those are bras (and a thong lmao) on the fan and yes, they pack the place every time they play. They're a cover band but they have some of their own songs. Definitely love them. There are supposed to be some videos from this show going up on YouTube. Check them out :)

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