A few goodies I've bought

A few things I've bought in the last couple of days. Walgreens has some Rimmel products for 50% off and their Sinful Colors polishes are always inexpensive so I bought some :) I also bought some TreSemme dry shampoo. I'm hoping I can make a shampoo last more than one day. My hair is oily and it hates me! At Target the other day I got a Sonia Kashuk highlighting brush hoping to be able to use it for foundation but I wasn't very happy with the results. May have to keep looking on that end. I also bought a neutral (for my skin tone) lip liner since all I seem to have is reds and burgundy. I need to invest in a few more of those. As soon as I find some lipsticks that don't make me look like a goth wannabe, a hooker, or a little girl playing in mommy's makeup. Wish me luck on that one!

Jump for pics :)

Ignore the junk in the background. We've a birthday party coming up and I've got the goodies sitting on the table waiting to be put in bags :)

See you soon is a hard to photograph color. It looks black until you get close and then you see it's really a blue/green with shimmer. When you swatch it, it appears to be a blue base with teal shimmer.
Halloween is coming so I wanted a good orange (I already have black) and the green...well it just caught my eye. My fiancĂ© is of Irish decent and I couldn't not buy it.

I'm hoping this works. I've never used a dry shampoo but I've tried the baby powder trick and it did not work at all. :(

I supposed it's a nice brush but it's not very great for foundation. I think I'll try to Coastal Scents brush next. There's no way I can afford MAC's duo fibre brush so that's out of the question.

Definitely something I need. I'm an oil slick from the minute I wake up until I go to sleep. Hopefully I can keep it to a teeny spill.

Just wanted to try it out. It's colored, not white like I thought it would be.

I've just used it once but I liked it. It supposedly has a growth complex in it. Even if it doesn't, I like the mascara itself.

I kind of loved this and it's waterproof. One end has the liner and the other end has a smudger/sharpener duo.
Sweet. The line was nice and dark and the product went on easily.

Just a generic lip liner.

Trying a double whammy on the matte issue. The coverage was a little odd but I'm not sure if it's because of the brush I used or the actual foundation itself. I'll have to give it a second try.

Any idea why my otherwise not flaky nose would all of a sudden decide to start flaking and peeling as soon as I apply face makeup? It doesn't matter what brand of foundation I use, as soon as it goes onto my nose it's peel city. I exfoliate, my skin isn't dry or flaky any other time (on the contrary, it's oily) but it never fails that my nose looks like yuck as soon as I put anything on it :(

On another note, my oldest just had her tonsils taken out. She's feeling kind of gross today. On top of that, she's got a little cold. Not a good combo. She needs to cough but of course coughing hurts her throat. So she's mostly just laying around and watching TV. I got her a white board a little while back and she writes stuff on it for us so she doesn't have to talk :)

I'm going to have to take about a 2 week leave from school. I don't really want to explain why but we'll just say it's a health issue. Oh well. I'm not worried about it.

Bye for now ya'll!

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