Member's Mark Diapers

Member's Mark Diapers
Sam's Club Brand

My boyfriend has a membership to Sam's Club so we often go there to buy things that we need a LOT of such as diapers. We've bought two packs of these diapers. Packs contain 200 diapers at her size. The bigger the size you get the less there are in a pack. The first box we bought was a size 2, the most recent box was a size 3.

After the size 2 box I wasn't very fond of them. The tabs and the fabric the tabs were on were hard to separate from the rest of the diaper. You had to do it slowly or the whole thing would rip.
She peed through a couple of them at night. I thought it was because she was on the upper end of the weight limit but other brands in this same size she did great through the night. We made it through our box and moved on to other brands.

We recently were looking and saw the box said they were improved! More stretch and so on. They are a little better, especially as far as the tabs and sides go. It's easier to get the tabs separated at least.
However, 4 of the diapers in the box were completely missing one of the sides. Not just the tab but the whole thing. She has peed through quite a few of them during the night and I know it's not a weight issue because she's at least 4-5 pounds below the limit.
We had a few poops that were pretty epic and most of it ended up going straight up her back. There would be a small amount in the diaper and the rest would be going all the way up her back.

I've tried quite a few store brand diapers and while these aren't the worst, they are definitely not the best!

Rating: 5 out of 10

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