I need a random title generator.

I gave up on the OPI Nail Envy. It just wasn't living up to the standard Nailtiques had set. So I hopped back on Ebay and ended up getting a .5oz bottle for $9.99 with free shipping (that's almost half price!). WOOT! I had to have it shipped to Hi-Tek because my post office hates me and it was smooth sailing.

Saturday I took a Basics of Pistols training class. LOVED IT. We did a few hours of basic handgun knowledge and then we loaded up and went to the range. Ya'll, it was 34° outside with a wind chill of 24­° and it was SNOWING. I was frozen to the bone but it was awesome. I missed a few times but more often than not I made a decent shot. We did different exercises to get us used to moving around and handling our gun.

Patrick has gotten me a Taurus revolver (.357 magnum but it can shoot .38s). I adore it ♥. It's so easy to shoot and it's insanely easy to clean and care for. No taking apart. Open up the cylinder, clean the barrel and the cartridge areas and bam! you're done. I would like to try shooting a semi-automatic but I've always wanted a revolver. It was my favorite gun in Resident Evil! As soon as it warms up you can bet I'll be bugging Patrick to take me to the range all the time. He'll get so tired of me!

We're in the middle of a stand off with potty training. She won't be in the potty if she wears Pull-Ups but when she pees in her panties she won't tell us. I think I'm going to use my color timer and set it for 15 minutes. Then we'll go potty, come back and set it for 15 minutes again. Keep that up until she gets it down. That's what my aunt did with her and she had some success. She's getting too big for diapers (taking them off on her own! Little meanie.) Today she pooped in her diaper and then took it off. Of course she was supposed to be taking a nap so she got it all over her bed. We had to strip the beds down, wash all the sheets and pillow cases and Patrick vacuumed and Lysoled (is that a word?) the whole room down. She knows better than that, I know she does. All she has to do is tell us her diaper is dirty (and she can do it, she has before!) and we'll change her. I've GOT to get this potty training thing going.

Does anyone use AIM anymore? I recently got back into an old account and no one is ever on.

It's 2:30am and I should be asleep (insomnia FTL) because I have an appointment tomorrow and Sam will have me up early but I'm just not tired :(

Oh and today is day one of trying jojoba oil as a hair product. Giving it another chance as a moisturizer too because my skin is miserable. It's peeling and rough and just so blah. First I broke out everywhere and now I'm all flakes.

As soon as my nails get a little length on them I'll post pics so you can see why I love Nailtiques so much.

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