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I've started back to school. I took a 2 week leave because a doctor said my daughter had scabies. When the bumps showed up on my fiancé and I also (just on our hands, on her chest/side/underarm area) I went to another doctor and he automatically agreed with the first doctor. Since I work with the public at school, I couldn't be there and have a potentially contagious condition.

Except I'm pretty sure the doctor was wrong. We had none of the symptoms (crazy itching, "burrows" under the skin, bumps that look like blisters) of scabies. The only thing that made it similar to scabies was that it was passed from her to him and from her to me. Thursday I went to a different doctor, she looked at my hand for about 30 seconds and said it was eczema. I'm pretty sure eczema isn't contagious and according to an instructor at school who has it, this isn't it. Whatever it is the doctor cleared me to go back to school. They gave me a cream to put on my hands twice a day (a corticosteroid) and told me to use a low dose cortisone on the baby. I don't know. Between us we saw 4 doctors. Pediatrician said scabies. Immediate Care Center doc #1 heard me say that Pediatrician said scabies, automatically agreed and sent me on my way. VA doctor said I don't know but it doesn't look like scabies. Immediate Care Center doc #2 said eczema. So, who knows.

Either way I'm back in school. Which is miserable but at the same time it gives me something to do and keep myself busy so I supposed it's good. We're allowed to accept tips so every now and then I get a little pocket money. I'm to the point where I'm just so fed up with the whole thing. I've been in school since June of '09. If I hadn't taken my leave earlier this year I would be graduating next month. Instead I'm graduating in February. Which means about 4 more months of working for no pay. That's basically what we do.

The school is so disorganized. One person at this location will tell you something but someone at another location will tell you something completely different. It's just...very ugh. I'll be happy when I get my 1500 hours and can say BYE BYE! I'm going to have to do a few 40 hour weeks to make up my hours though. BOO.

I guess that's enough whining, what do you think? How about some pics of a project I recently finished?

A hat I originally started as something for myself but as you can see, it ended up A LOT smaller than I had intended lol. It fits Sam perfectly though (all of her curly mop is tucked up in the hat).

And a few older projects I've done.

This isn't the finished project, there was edging added to it. I made it for my sister.

Samantha sleeps with this one and the brown one at night. Fun to make but hard on your hands.

 This one ended up HUGE. I think it had one more strip of pink and two more strips of black. It took me pretty much my whole pregnancy to get it finished. The bobble stitch? MISERABLE.

Made for Samantha while I was pregnant with her. 

Originally was going to be a spiderweb but I got lazy :-x

 Just a little elephant :)
Now I've got the crocheting bug again so I've been printing out patterns and trying to get crafty. Mostly hats. So many of the patterns that I want end up being knitted :( I'm not good at knitting. I'm determined to get it though.

That's all for tonight, I suppose. Hopefully I'll have some more to post soon!

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