Winter is bad for me.

I'm pretty sure that I hate winter. It makes me shut down, withdraw from life. I haven't done any nails to show, no crocheting, nothing. School went south. Panic attacks have pretty much ruined that.
I keep telling myself I'm going to get up and do something but then I can't talk myself into it. It gets hard to breathe, my chest feels tight, I get dizzy and my heart starts beating hard. I'm going to attempt to venture out tomorrow. I need to go to the library (There's a Kim Harrison book waiting for me) and hopefully I can handle WalMart.
I'll take some valium just in case.

The school situation highly depresses me. I only needed 300 more hours and I could graduate. Now I really have no options. Stinks.

Now to not be a big whiner. Despicable Me is great :) Sam goes to sleep watching it every night. It has made me realize I really need some minions!

I tried to buy some Nailtiques Formula 2 on Ebay and because my mailman is an idiot the seller had to send me a replacement. I ended up with OPI Nail Envy. It's only been a couple of weeks since I got it so I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I know I like the Nailtiques. I hope I'm not disappointed with the OPI. I suppose I'll let you know.

It's 4:29am in my world, I'd better try some sleep soon. As soon as this episode of Bones is over. I love Netflix!
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