I haven't been feeling well lately. Some medication issues have me pretty much out of it. I'm either asleep or awake but having to lay down because I'm feeling sick. Hopefully it will work itself out soon because there are things I want to post!

I recently got the Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector by Garnier from BzzAgent and I want to try it out and show everyone how it works. It has a bit of a chemical smell though so I know I can't do it until I'm straightened out.

I also got my Sedona Lace 88 Matte Palette that I won from Katie Ngo in the mail the other day. I want to take lots of pictures and show it off but well, you get the picture by now.

Plus, a bottle of diCesare:HAIR Liqui-Finish Volumizing and Finishing spray that I won from HSN (@hsn_official on twitter).

Hopefully I'll be straightened out within the week and can take and upload the pictures and make some decent posts. For now I hope everyone is being good :) It's time for school to start back again so be careful in the mornings and afternoons.

I want to encourage everyone to please pay attention to the people around you. If you think you have a friend or family member who may be suffering from depression, bipolar disorder or some other mental illness, don't be afraid to try to talk to them. Sometimes, we're just scared to say anything. It can be hard to take that first step and ask for someone to help you and sometimes you don't even want to admit to yourself that something just isn't right. You don't know how much it can help and how much of a weight off of your shoulders it can be to have someone you can depend on, or talk to, or even just cry to.

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