Headache part..well a really high number.

Personal whining. If you don't want to read, just skip over :)

Once again, I have a headache. This one brought an earache and dizziness with it. Something isn't right but I've got to wait about 3 weeks before I can see the doctor to find out what. My stupid eye has been twitching all day. Not that I'm not happy to have my eyes, mind you. I'm just very annoyed at them right now.

Patrick's lay off papers came Monday. Now we're counting down the days until we're broke. Hopefully, he will be able to get unemployment. We're not too sure if he'll qualify since he used it up last year. He's been told that as long as he was working there for 10+ weeks he would be eligible. He's been there longer than that so I hope the person was right.

I think I'm falling back into my depression. I'm not sure if it's the medication, stress, or if there's any source but I'm not doing well. I'm staying up all night again, not interested in doing anything, missing school. Something has to change, I just don't know what.

On a happier note, well. I don't have a happier note lol. I have a WIC appointment tomorrow. They're always so annoying. I wrestle Samantha in and they weigh & measure her. We talk about what she does and doesn't eat. They give me something to do (a book to read to her, a book to read myself) and a paper to fill out about it and send me off for another 3 months. It's just waiting when I get there and fighting Samantha. She's turned into such a fighter lately and it's like trying to lasso a tornado.

I probably should slink off to bed now. I know I won't be able to sleep but at least I can try.

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