Why did only some of my pictures shrink like they were supposed to? Stupid photobucket. Guess I'll have to start using the blogger upload. I'm trying to decide what to do my next review on. I really only have access to drugstore items and for right now it's limited to what I have in house. Maybe the Jessie's Girl Eye Primer I bought...hmmm.

Obviously, as a broke bitch, I don't wear MAC products. However, I know they're lusted after world over. I also know that some of them are downright gorgeous. So I follow quite a few blogs that love it. Most of them have at least mentioned the Mac + Rodarte collection and there are few MAC lovers who don't know of the controversy. In the interest of information, here are a few links.

Make Up Advice Forum
Mizz Worthy
British Beauty Blogger
Temptalia (Most information is in the comments. Christine is staying understandably neutral.)

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